Ethiopia (Washed Process) [Africa]

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Ethiopia (Washed Process) [Africa]

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Medium-Light Roast 

Notes: Jasmine, Lemon, Jackfruit, Chocolate

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Origin Information

GROWER:  Shanta Golba Cooperative              

REGION:  Bensa District, Sidama Zone, Ethiopia

ALTITUDE:  1,850 Meters

PROCESS:  Fully washed and dried on raised beds

VARIETY:  Indigenous Heirloom Cultivars

HARVEST:  October - December

SOIL:  Vertisol


Background Details

This coffee is sourced from family-owned farms organized around the Shanta Golba Cooperative located within the Bensa district of the Sidama region. The Shanta Golba Cooperative joined the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (SCFCU), an umbrella organization established in 2001 to support a sustainable coffee supply from cooperatives in the Sidama region. SCFCU supports forty-six cooperatives with more than 80,000 farmer-members.